Make a striking entrance with our perfect paving options 

A well-designed driveway adds a welcoming feature to any house - as well as value to your property. Whether you are planning a grand entrance or a modest approach, we have a wide range of attractive, hard-wearing materials for you to choose from and we can advise on what will work best for your project.

Choose from traditional antique brickwork, Bermuda and other natural stone, modular concrete pavers and turfstone - or add a spectacular finish with solar lighting.   


We specialise in:

  • antique brickwork

  • Bermuda stone

  • FilterPave paving

  • engraved pavers

  • imported natural stone

  • modular concrete systems

  • concrete and grass

  • concrete and brick

  • turfstone


Introducing FilterPave

We are proud to introduce FilterPave pervious paving to Bermuda! FilterPave is a polybond porous paving system that is ideal for pedestrian walkways and patios and areas with light vehicular traffic.

It is a system using natural gravel or post consumer glass bound with a polymeric binder produced by BASF. FilterPave is a free-draining surface that allows rainwater to enter the ground quickly without causing large runoff or washouts. It is environmentally friendly and has a much smaller carbon footprint than asphalt or concrete surfaces. One square foot of FilterPave can use crushed glass from 40 bottles!

Read more about FilterPave’s green solution for storm water runoff.


Engraved Brick Fundraising Campaigns

Whether you are a school, church, sports club or charity we can help you to meet your fundraising goal with a complete design and supply service of engraved bricks. Your supporters will sponsor bricks which will be engraved with a message of their choice and installed in an existing or new pedestrian area.

We designed a new walkway for Somersfield Academy as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. This new walkway leads to the MYP building and and is dotted with sponsored bricks from the first round of donations. More bricks will be added and overall the campaign is very profitable for the school.

At King Edward VII Memorial Hospital the Legacy Walkway leads to the main entrance and here also bricks are added several times a year.

Legacy Walkway, King Edward VII Hospital

Legacy Walkway, King Edward VII Hospital

25th Anniversay Walkway, Somersfield Academy

25th Anniversay Walkway, Somersfield Academy