Prune, preserve, plant

Horsfield Landscaping and Design Ltd.  was originally  founded in 1979 as a tree service provider by Kevin Horsfield. The hiring of qualified arborists allowed the company not only to provide tree removal services, but to focus on tree preservation through selective pruning. In addition, clients were guided in replanting areas with suitable sustainable, endemic plant species.


We specialise in:

  • inspection for diseases
  • transplanting of trees and palms
  • supply of firewood
  • branch and brush chipping
  • tree removal
  • selective tree pruning
  • replanting of trees
  • woodland mangement

Benefits of regular pruning

We recommend regular pruning primarily for health and safety reasons. Trees should be pruned to avoid property damage or injury. Pruning before the hurricane season can protect people, houses and the trees themselves. Often diseases inside a tree are hardly visible so inspection during regular pruning can be beneficial so as to avoid potential problems through identification and removal. Mature trees with a special history to their owners might be pruned for aesthetic reasons. These trees are balanced and professionally shaped to enhance their beauty.

For the qualified work carried out in the aftermath of Hurricane Emily in 1987, Horsfield Landscaping and Design received an award from the Bermuda National Trust.

Our company philosophy is to give the best service possible and to provide the highest standard of workmanship. With this philosophy we have developed a reputation for a high quality of finish to all our work, and for removing and pruning trees others won’t or can’t manage.